"true love is like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces will find themselves when they are right for each other"
you know how it is possible for people to know their boundaries? to know when they've reached the point of 'enough'? i'm that person. i know when i've had enough coffee, enough redbull, enough of jackasses calling me babe, enough beer, enough sleep, enough candy, so on and so forth. the one thing i won't ever have 'enough' of is you. we're spent nearly 3 months together inseperable and i can't imagine ever being anywhere besides your side. i can't get enough. i need you, i crave you, i have to have you right by my side. i love spending day in and day out with you, i love opening my eyes to you and falling asleep with my head on your chest. you'll pull me closer to you and hold me tighter with your hand on my back or on my ass depending on how we're laying, not long after that you're asleep and i'm tracing your tattoos while your chest rises and falls. evvery thought is, 'how in the fuck am i this lucky?' cos lets be real here, how the fuck am i this lucky? it's impossible. i've never loved anyone the way i love you, i've never even remotely felt anything close to what i feel for you. you're truly my other half, my happily ever after, my hopes, my dreams and all that i've wished for. i love you, edward, i only forever will love just you.

i still remember the first time we met. maybe i don't so much remember 2010 when we met but in my defense, i was looking for a shell to hide into cos everyone approached me just wanting to change me, to control me. i couldn't handle it. but that doesn't mean you didn't leave a lasting impression. you've always left an impression on me. i can tell you so much that i remember. i remember the first time i heard "a team", i remember thinking 'god, this voice is gold.' cos it is, it always will be. i remember the first time you made me swoon, the way it felt when i knew you were in los angeles, how i wanted to get home from the studio so much sooner so i could change into something besides sweats and a tank top just so i could somehow hope to have your eyes on me more... which i realised was foolish when i opened the door and you were locked on me. i still remember the first kiss and the butterflies, holy fuck, the butterflies. i remember everything, every single thing about us. there isn't a thing i want to ever forget and i know i never will cos with you? i have it all and more. i don't need to want, wish, hope or desire anything. i have it all and more in you.

no matter the amount of days we'll have to spend apart, no matter the miles and timezones between us, you're my destiny, my hope, you're my stability. there's been no wavering with us, there were never any doubts and there never will be. all i have to do is open my eyes in the morning and see you right there, sometimes awake before me, sometimes not, but regardless, all it takes is to see you and the whole 'made for each other' saying proves true. i was made for you, you were made for me and i'm looking forward to spending every single day of my life showing you how much i love you. how much i care for you, how much i trust you and most importantly? how much i need you. i'm going to spend the rest of my life wrapped around your finger, i'm going to guarantee that i am always your last first kiss and your last love. i'm so thankful for you, baby. i'm going to make sure today is nothing besides wonderful. happy birthday, my ederything. i love you, forever and always.

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